Jacqueline is a girl who likes to punch things. There's more to her but that's kind of the main thing. Get used to that it's gonna happen a lot. Anyway, she's on the hunt for adventure in her brand new life on Arcadia. What's Arcadia, you ask? I dunno. I think it might be a parallel dimension connected to earth through a mysterious door. Maybe it's Earth in the distant future or a world eight billion light years away. Who knows at this point? I don't, that's for sure. In any case, the portal to Arcadia just happens to be following Jacqueline's new roommate, Alvin, who came from Arcadia with his robot companion and his vampire girlfriend. Alvin heavily disapproves of Jacqueline's presence in Arcadia to the point where the guy follows her there just to get her out. Geeze, what a control obsessed asshole. He claims that Arcadia's too dangerous and that it's in her best interest to head back to Earth but what kind of story would that be? A super lame one. So obviously we're all going to ignore him. Arcadia really is dangerous though. It's full of lots of mysteries and secrets, too. Will Jacqueline be able to unravel them all by punching the right things? I hope so.

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