Who’re you?

I’m Andres! Also known as AndersonRandom and DeadlyDoodles. Here's my Tumblr andTwitter

What is this?

This is Oversync. It’s a really good webcomic that has all the things. People punching stuff, plot twists, some weird guy acting mysterious. It’s good stuff. I’ve been drawing it for 3 years and I’m not sure if I can stop. Even if I wanted to. I call it a fantasy webcomic even though I mix in elements from other genres. Why? Because I want to and nobody can stop me.

The story so far:

A long time ago, in the land of Arcadia, there was a really cool dude whose name was really hard to pronounce. That name was Euthoreon and he was the king of everything. Then some asshole came and killed him. Now that guy’s in some kind of alternate universe space jail. I don’t know. It’s weird.

Okay so Jacqueline was looking for a home. This is how she finds Alvin, my best friend and creator, and convinces him to let her move in. Obviously she found out about me. There’s only so long you can live in a house before finding out that a robot lives there too. That’s when Charon, the spooky door that connects Earth and Arcadia, started flipping out like crazy. I mean, like, genuinely flipping out. Shit was scary. It ended up eating Jacqueline and forcing us both into Arcadia.

That’s when Cyrus showed up and helped us get off of Arcadia before some bizarre monster thing killed us. Well, he helped Jacqueline get off of Arcadia. I was shut down at the time. I kind of, uh, broke down a little. I heard the story later from Olivia who “rode in like a queen greeting her loyal subjects.” to “fix the trashcan Jacqueline was so bizarrely attached to”. Not quite sure what she meant by that but she seemed kind of into it at the time so I didn’t ask. Anyway, Olivia was looking for Alvin and as it turns out Cyrus is Alvin’s brother, which is weird cause I could have sworn his name was Jason.

Unfortunately for Olivia, Alvin was on Earth and the only way to get there was through Charon, which they couldn’t see. So a deal was struck where Jacqueline would get Alvin, and Olivia would fix me. Oh my god. I WAS THE TRASHCAN. (Wow, what an asshole). Okay, the plan worked and Jacqueline got Alvin to come back to Arcadia but only for a time. It was long enough for Olivia to get what she needed from Alvin (which was some weird portal science I’m almost positive he made up).

Unfortunately for Alvin, Jacqueline had made a secret deal with Olivia, who promised an adventure in return for bringing Alvin back to Arcadia. He was so mad. It was like when we watched the season 3 finale of Duck on the run, except with less crying. So Alvin went back to Earth but left me with Jacqueline in Arcadia so that I could keep her safe. He promised to meet up with us when we find Cyrus, the final member of our little team, and help us out on our adventure.

Here’s hoping we don’t die on the way! Hah hah. Hah. Yeah…


Jacqueline :
Picked barbarian because of course she did.

This is Jacqueline. She’s really excited to be here! Maybe a little too excited. She’s the closest thing to a protagonist we have in this crazy mess. Jacqueline’s got a strong desire to be a hero but can’t seem to punch the right guys (or should I say wrong guys!Hah!). She’s also got a wicked cool shield she got in a dungeon! It’s probably magic somehow. Stuff like this is always magic. She’s awfully kind hearted and sweet but tends to get a little caught up in her “shoot first, questions later” attitude. She’s awfully prone to guilt, though, and has a hard time with social stuff. I wonder what happened to her before she barreled her way into our lives.


Alvin :
Just a few tropes short of a tragic villain.

Alvin’s Protagonist #2 and an ex-adventurer. He’s got lots of secrets. His hair’s not that big though. Okay, look, don’t tell anyone I said this (especially Alvin) but he’s an avatar. Avatars are these super cool people with glowy eyes and special powers! I’m not too sure what his powers are though. I’ve got my hopes set on future vision! How cool would that be!? In any case, Alvin’s a huge dork who’s easily flustered. He’s also really nervous about stuff but that’s cause… You know, it isn’t my place to tell and I don’t feel comfortable talking about him like this. Let’s just skip to the next guy.


Boxbot :

How cool could one robot get? I mean look at me. So fly. So advanced. So cool. Alvin made me a long time ago using Arcadian technology, which can be really advanced depending on where you are. It’d be nice if we were in one of those places. I could really use an upgrade on my bod. Not that my bod’s falling apart or anything. What gave you that idea? I’d just, you know, like a more up to date design. I like to consider myself soft spoken and empathetic. I’m a little clumsy though.

What did you do, cockslap the Queen?

Katherin :
Punk’s not dead, just undead.

Okay let’s get the big one out of the way. Katherin’s a vampire. Be warned, though, she’s a 4th generation vampire. I’m not sure what that means. She only mentioned it and never clarified on its significance. I’m sure it’s not that important. Katherin’s confident and proud, border lining on cocky, and isn’t at all afraid to speak her mind. She’s really cool and can kick your ass five ways to Sunday, so be careful not to piss her off.

Horses can't climb trees, dumbass!

Olivia :
Cursed with sanity

Olivia was one of Alvin’s old friends. She’s… Well, uhm... Man, I really can’t think of anything nice to say about her. I guess she’s awfully smart? I’m thankful that she fixed me up but gosh darn can be she be rude! Olivia’s a pretty good leader though and Jacqueline seems to like her. Maybe she’s just a dick to robots?