Who’re you?

I’m Andres! Also known as DeadlyDoodles. Here's my Tumblr and Twitter

What is this?

This is Oversync. It’s a really good webcomic I’ve been drawing for 6 years. I’m not sure if I can stop, even if I wanted to! It's a great big mess of all the things I love, including but not limited to: Girls punching things, cool swords, super powers, magic, robots, mysteries, and Jackie.


Jacqueline :
Picked barbarian because of course she did.

This is Jacqueline. She’s really excited to be here! Maybe a little too excited. She’s the closest thing to a protagonist we have in this crazy mess. Jacqueline’s got a strong desire to be a hero but can’t seem to punch the right guys (or should I say wrong guys!Hah!). She’s also got a wicked cool shield she got in a dungeon! It’s probably magic somehow. Stuff like this is always magic. She’s awfully kind hearted and sweet but tends to get a little caught up in her “shoot first, questions later” attitude. She’s awfully prone to guilt, though, and has a hard time with social stuff. I wonder what happened to her before she barreled her way into our lives.


Alvin :
Just a few tropes short of a tragic villain.

Alvin’s Protagonist #2 and an ex-adventurer. He’s got lots of secrets. His hair’s not that big though. Okay, look, don’t tell anyone I said this (especially Alvin) but he’s an avatar. Avatars are these super cool people with glowy eyes and special powers! I’m not too sure what his powers are though. I’ve got my hopes set on future vision! How cool would that be!? In any case, Alvin’s a huge dork who’s easily flustered. He’s also really nervous about stuff but that’s cause… You know, it isn’t my place to tell and I don’t feel comfortable talking about him like this. Let’s just skip to the next guy.